DIY Shiplap for $40!!

Thanksto Chip & Joanna Gaines, shiplap is filling homes across the country, andfor good reason. Shiplap can give you a beautiful feature wall without havingto choose an accent color you may not be crazy about in a few months. If donewisely, it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here is a guide to create yourown shiplap without breaking the bank.

What You’ll Need:

NailGun & Nails


CompoundMiter Saw*




1/8Inch Tile Spacers


250Grit Sandpaper

Paint(With Primer Included)

*Your local home improvement store where you purchaseyour plywood can typically cut your boards into planks if you do not have thesetools at home. Make sure your boards will collectively be long enough to fitthe wall you plan to shiplap.

Step 1: Prep Your Planks

Measurethe wall you plan to shiplap and make sure you get enough plywood to cover thewall. You get to decide how wide you want your planks to be, but 6 inch planksare a great size for any home. Be sure to cut the final full-length planks intoa variety of sizes so that you can achieve that staggered shiplap look.

Step 2: Hang Your First Row

Useyour stud finder to locate the studs in your wall. This is where you’ll benailing the boards in. Prep your first plank by applying the constructionadhesive to the back of the wood. Lay that plank flush with your crown moldingto ensure your planks will lay straight on the wall. Once in place, nail theplank twice, once on top and once on bottom, along the stud that the board iscovering. Fill in the top row with as many pieces as needed.

Step 3: Use Your Spacers

Beforeplacing the second row, use your spacers to ensure there will be an equal gapbetween planks. Be sure to do this for each new row of planks.

Step 4: Fill Nail Holes

Useyour spackling paste to fill in all the holes you’ve created. Once it hasdried, you will need to sand down the hardened paste to create a flush surfacewith the wood.  

Step 5: Time For Paint

Ifyour paint doesn’t have a primer included, be sure to prime the wall first andthen apply your first coat. Use a second coat if needed!

Younow have the perfect focal point in whatever room you’ve added your DIY shiplapwall to, all for the price of a week’s worth of coffee!