With the recent summer storms, do you know what to do after a storm hits?  If you suspect damage to your roof, siding or property, reach out to your insurance immediately. Insurance companies will send out an adjuster to inspect your property and provide an estimate of the damages and repair cost. It’s important to have a trusted contractor with you when meeting with the insurance adjuster.

Often times, adjusters are in short supply after a storm. Insurance companies then bring in free lance adjusters or adjusters from other areas to help deal with the backlog of damage reports and claims. The adjusters work for the insurance companies, not for you. This backlog often leads to delays, as well as rushed inspections. A rushed inspection can lead to overlooked damages.  Your claim is processed based on the adjusters recommendations and findings, and it is often very difficult to overturn the original claim report when this damage has been overlooked or missed by the original adjuster.

Having an experienced, trusted contractor with you while the adjuster examines your home will help prevent overlooked damage and protect your interests. An experienced contractor will often spot damage that is often overlooked as well as ensure that every part of your home has been assessed for damages. They will also know what type of repair is needed to prevent sub par replacements which are often recommended to cut full replacement costs.

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